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Photography: Dra. Nora Cardona Castro

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

On December 3, Dr. Nora Cardona Castro received the A Life Dedicated to Research Award, one of the awards given by the 2020 Medellín Investiga Awards, organized by the Medellín Mayor's Office, which recognize the best researchers for their career and contributions to the creation of new knowledge.

Dr. Cardona Castro, who has worked for almost 30 years with the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT), was one of the two honored for the work she has done in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of tropical or neglected diseases such as malaria and leprosy.

“In addition to the fact that this award is an honor for my professional work, it also represents a recognition of life, since research for me has also represented a project in that sense. I receive it with great gratitude, ”said Dr. Cardona Castro to the Digital Links Bulletin.

The researcher is a graduate of the CES University Medicine program, has a specialization in Laboratory Medicine, which she also obtained from her alma mater, a master's degree in infectious diseases from the London School of Hygiene and a doctorate in Biology from the University of Antioquia.

As he mentioned, his vocation was found when he did his degree thesis in infectious diseases to graduate from the Medicine program, where he discovered that his profession could be practiced by doing research, a task that would be reaffirmed with his arrival at the ICMT in 1991.

“This award not only distinguishes Nora's abilities and achievements, but also highlights her virtues as a person; it is the proof that a woman in science can fully and fully develop her career ”, stated Dr. Jairo Robledo Restrepo, husband of the researcher.

The A Life Dedicated to Research award joins other awards received by Dr. Cardona, such as the Antioqueña de Oro award, which she obtained in 2010 and the recognition of outstanding graduate in research, science and innovation, awarded by the CES University .

For the second consecutive year, a member and researcher of the CES University keeps this award, which in 2019 was received by Dr. Berta Nelly Restrepo Jaramillo, a teacher and also a member of the ICMT.

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