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Photograph of Gladis, a CES university graduate

Photography: Courtesy of Gladis Amparo Ramírez Mejía

In development of the commemoration of the month of women, the Florida Institute of Management, center for research and development in the areas of business and leadership, recognized Gladis Amparo Ramírez Mejía, graduated in Public Health Management and Health Audit of the CES University, as an internationally renowned woman for her exemplary career and professionalism.

The recognition of Internationally Outstanding Woman was given to Ramírez Mejía in March 2021, a Doctor and Lawyer from Antioquia, who is identified by her professional ethical values, and her effort to create a better world through study.

“Being internationally recognized brings me happiness, life compensates you for what you do. It is a joy and satisfaction, which helps me to stay happy, satisfied and persevering to continue studying, ”said Ramírez Mejía, with a proud voice.

Gladis was born to Catholic parents (Jaime Ramírez and Dolly Mejía) in the municipality of San Rafael, Antioquia. The pillar of his life was focused on studying. They instilled in him that studying would be the change to a better world. Therefore, since she was little she became a lover of medicine, her first profession being that she began to study at the age of 20.

Gladis Amparo Ramírez Mejía works at EPS Mixta at the advisory level as a Guardianship Physician, she exercises her two careers in Medicine and Law, what she always dreamed of was combining her two professions to serve society. Life for her has been a roller coaster that has taught her about, "there are no ups without downs."

“I made the decision to study Medicine and Law because Colombia is a country that requires legal health care, where the role of the doctor is fighting for a better system. Medicine was always my first option, but over time I saw the need for Law, ”said Ramírez Mejía.

With a smile of "ograting to ear”And a confident voice, but with noble charisma, Gladis has endured losses in her family circle, despite the circumstances, she has focused her energy on study and work.

In 2002 she entered the CES University to study the Specialization in Public Health Management and Health Auditing, where she learned the leadership and professional values that helped her to be recognized today.

Of her major at CES University, Dr. Gladis added that, “the institution taught me theadministrative approach, this has allowed me to perform my job functions with greater efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness today ”.

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