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Photo of students and graduates of the Faculty of Law on a poster of I love Law

With the Faculty of Social Studies and Applied Languages of the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Spain, in addition to the double degree agreement that benefits students, the CES University signed an agreement that benefits undergraduate law graduates.

As part of this agreement, graduates, prior to meeting certain requirements, may take the undergraduate degree in Law at the Spanish university under the face-to-face or blended (online) modality with a duration of two years. With the prior recognition of subjects that graduates took at CES University.

“This agreement is very important because it gives the graduate the possibility of obtaining a second degree at a European university, in this case with Alfonso X the wise man in Madrid - Spain. That gives them the option of practicing tomorrow, when they are already graduated, the profession here in Colombia or in Spain, "said Natalia María Castrillon Gallego, head of undergraduate at the Faculty of Law.

"The invitation for our graduates is for them to come to our Faculty, learn about the double degree agreement that we have just signed with the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid - Spain, it is an excellent opportunity to expand the possibilities of professional practice in other spheres different from the national one ”, expressed Maria Jael Arango Barreneche, dean of the Faculty of Law.

The application process will be between February and March of each year, taking into account that the Alfonso X el Sabio University begins the academic cycle in September.

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