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Alumni meeting

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

For CES University, its graduates are very important and that is why they can access discounts on undergraduate and graduate degrees at the alma mater. They also have external agreements with different commercial establishments such as restaurants, health and entertainment.

“In formal education there are discounts for undergraduate programs, for non-clinical postgraduate programs and for clinical postgraduate programs and some of these discounts are extended to the children of professionals; these discounts range from 5 to 20% off, ” said Marcela Lopera Londoño, coordinator of the CES University Graduate Office.

The Alumni Office works in company with the Institutional Welfare and Human Development Office to establish agreements with different commercial establishments, so that both the University community and the graduates can access them by presenting the card that identifies them as a member of the University community.

The agreements are of different categories in which they are: restaurants, hotels, health, education, well-being, entertainment among others. Some of the discounts that can be found in this portfolio are: 15% discount at the ticket office to enter the Parque del Café located in Quindío; 10% discount at Hotel los Recuerdos located in Guatapé, Antioquia and 10% at CES Clinic, IPS Sabaneta and Warehouse.

The information on these agreements can be found on the University website in the section on Graduates

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