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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Veterinary and Zootechnical Center of the CES University with the purpose of continuing to grow and being a reference at the local and national level, strengthens its physical infrastructure and expands its portfolio of services, beginning the construction of two new areas that contribute to the permanent accompaniment of your patients and users.

Bibiana Correa, manager in charge of CVZ, expresses:"I am pleased to inform you that we will have the areas of tomography and necropsy at our headquarters, the work has already begun and the main focus is patient safety and to go according to the Quality Assurance System that governs us"

Tomography is a diagnostic aid based on a non-invasive anatomical examination and serves as a complement to the veterinarian's medical evaluation, since together with the other study methods it determines the pathologies that affect the different types of tissues that make up pets.

On the other hand, the necropsy area, in addition to favoring the CVZ by adding in its service alternatives, will contribute to the enrichment of the student practices of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and thus contribute to its accreditation process.

This project requires new machines and equipment that allow it to operate, there must also be an increase in personnel, but the exact amount is still unknown, it is a subject that is being discussed in the committee. These spaces are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Currently the Veterinary and Zootechnics Center is undergoing simultaneous renovations, the new study room and the extension of the cafeteria are other works that are being carried out.

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