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As part of the events of the National Healthcare Day, the head of the Public Health Division of the CES University School of Medicine, Dr. Hernán García Cardona, received recognition as Exemplary Healthcare Practitioner by the directives on August 21 from the National School of Public Health of the University of Antioquia.

I do not think I deserve such recognition, perhaps because I have neglected attention to my supposed achievements. Rather, I have dedicated myself to assessing the potentialities and successes of others; which does not exclude that I can express my gratitude for the generosity with this distinction that recognizes the work of health workers for the health and well-being of the populations”, Stated Dr. García Cardona.Photo of Dr. Hernán García

Dr. García Cardona is a doctor graduated from the University of Antioquia, a specialist in Public Health Management from the CES University and a master's degree in Public Health from the University of Antioquia, teacher and consultant on public health issues, health policies, organization of health services and management of institutions providing health services. He is also the author of the Dictionary of terms used in health management, editor of the books Health Audit, Basic Guide to Occupational Safety, Occupational and Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety and Health and Health Administration.

Public health, for Dr. García, has been a way of life and not an academic obligation. For being an example of our institutional values: integrity, discipline, ethics, respect, responsibility and for its excellent scientific qualities.

Dr. García is worthy of the distinction as an exemplary health worker for his commitment to public health management for the benefit of Antioqueños and for his dedication in training public health professionals for more than 25 years at our CES University”, Expressed Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

During the event, recognitions were also awarded to academic programs and projects that have allowed training in public health.

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