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For the second semester of 2019, the CES University Solidarity Fund already has 46 students who will benefit from this aid offered by the Institution.

The CES Solidarity Fund is a support to pay the tuition of some active students of the University, this began last semester with 32 benefited students. To aspire to this support, those interested must be studying at least the third semester because they must have an academic record and report their socio-economic situation in order to pay the full tuition.

This fund benefits students who, due to some special situation, need some kind of support guaranteeing their well-being and remained in the institution, as stated by Juan Felipe Otálvaro, a student of the Business Administration program at CES University. "I think this fund is of utmost importance for the University, since it provides support to different students who are in a difficult economic or family situation, allowing them to finish their professional career and be able to achieve it in one of the best Universities".

Carolina Cardona Álvarez, social worker for Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development at CES University, expressed “It is very important that students take into account that this is a support and not a scholarship. This aid must be requested every semester. It is also important to take into account that the student should not have another scholarship or other support for enrollment because the ideal is to give the possibility to another student who does not have any resources for said payment, here the socio-economic stratum is not decisive for the selection , that is, there can be both stratum 1 and stratum 6 ".

Students who are granted this aid from the Fund must meet certain commitments that are: 20 hours of social work within the University and have a good academic average, this must be equal to or greater than 3.5.

For this semester 174 students were registered and 46 places were opened with an aid of $ 2,000,000 for the registration of each student. “The Fund does not have a fixed income, but it depends on the activities that are carried out and the alliances that we manage to make, for example, on the sales of the machines, the rental of the lockers. Then depending on that resource that there is, the quotas and financial aid will be assigned ", affirmed the professional Cardona.

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