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From CES Radio, the station of our University, a selection of programs from the archive was created that can be listened to from any electronic device with internet and from anywhere, in the initiative calledCES Radio a la Carta.

"The idea with this initiative is to continue keeping in the minds of our listeners and users of social networks, the existence of our station that despite the contingency continues to provide content, " said David Bentham Arias, coordinator of CES Radio. Cell phone fortography surrounded by headphones alluding to the new format of CES Radio on demand

In the stories of the University's official Instagram account, a link is published every Wednesday that leads to a web page where a selection of 2 or 3 CES Radio programs can be found. In the selection you can find topics of many types such as legal with the programVoices of Law, environmental withCES Verde, oral health withSmiles for Health, animals inVoices of the Animal Kingdom, among other.

The Links Newsletter spoke with Mrs. María Cristina Giraldo Zuluaga, director of the programSmiles for Health,so that he could tell us a little more about the program.

The program is mainly focused on everything related to oral care, talking for example about diabetes and oral manifestations, also about dry mouths, care of babies and adolescents, among others. In addition, we also deal with topics of general interest such as smile design treatment, what to do if you have a dental accident, when to know if an implant is needed and many more topics.”Said Ms. Giraldo Zuluaga.

People who want to enjoy the selection of programs that CES Radio offers, can do so through the followinglink.

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