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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In 1977, the nascent Health Studies Corporation (today CES University), began its academic work with the offer to students of three careers that would be the pioneers in its foundation: Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.

This last program, which had been supported in its beginnings by the Dominican nuns of La Presentation, disappeared in 1985 and returned to what is now CES University in 2017. After 35 years of that recess, on December 17, 2020 will be the day 46 Nursing students graduate with the CES University seal on their degrees.

CES University has extensive experience in the training of health science professionals, and nursing is a profession that represents humanized, safe and reliable care. Likewise, nurses have a wide field of action in the administrative, public health, and quality areas, among other fields of action; For this reason, the importance in the contribution of graduates with academic excellence for the work environment of the region and the country”, Said the dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Dedsy Berbesi Fernández.

The dean added that CES Nursing today has an emphasis on adult care, older as well as ample opportunities in the use of simulation, laboratories and relationships with other professionals in the health area.

For Geraldine Jiménez Pérez, one of the 46 future graduates, it is very special to be part of the first cohort of nurses to graduate from the University again.

It is fabulous to be a graduate of CES University and more than that we are going to achieve it by making history, because we will remain a brand of those who reopened this undergraduate program that was born with the University”, Said the student, who highlighted the human qualities that she found in professors and managers and the impulse of a leadership that truly represents the institution through those who make it up.

Those who want to enter the virtual ceremony that will be held on December 17 at 10:00 am may do so through the following link.

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