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Student Photography at Avices Farm

The Avices farm, located in the municipality of Marinilla - Antioquia, which was inaugurated at the beginning of 2019, by the CES University, is now giving results both in the sale of its eggs and in the practices of the students and teachers of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics of the Institution.

This poultry farm that has approximately two thousand floor birds, not caged, has closed with around 200,000 eggs produced in its 35 weeks of life that it has to date.

Avices Eggs Photograph

The professor of the Faculty of MVZ and coordinator of the Avices farm of the CES University, Francisco José Garay Pineda, affirmed “We have two batches, each one of a thousand birds, so we are talking about that for each batch there are around 100,000 eggs (…) We can speak of that 70% of the eggs are sold in the university community, with a very good reception, so much so that we have to be constantly supplying ".

This farm also functions as a center for poultry studies, since about 140 students from different semesters of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics have arrived to carry out their internships. So far it has hosted 7 practices.

“The reception by the students has been very good because for them it is the first time that they have the opportunity to do internships that previously in teaching could not be done, for example, the subject of vaccinations, before the teachers taught it in class Now they (students) can do it themselves, ”said coordinator Garay Pineda.

For Avices there are more challenges such as increasing layers, since it is planned for 2020 to have 3,500 more in other systems.

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