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The Fundadores Library of the CES University took measures in the face of the contingency of COVID-19, for this reason, since Monday, March 16, it offers three services that can be taken advantage of while staying at home.

Photo of shelves in the Fundadores Library

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

The Fundadores Library makes available to all users online bibliographic information resources, scientific databases and electronic books, as well as the home loan service 'Libros en su casa' and the third service that will be offered. It is the one of training, advising and virtualized accompaniment in all the subjects related to the management of the scientific and academic information”, Informed the head of the Fundadores Library, Nora Ledis Quiroz Gil.

The access service to all online bibliographic information resources includes databases of scientific information and electronic courses. Which are accessed through the Library website

To request the home loan service and the physical title is sent to your place of residence, office or office, it is accessed from the G8 Libraries website

The addresses are made from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Finally, the virtual accompaniment help is offered in any aspect such as: consultancies, trainings, inductions, among others. To make this process effective, you must contact the Fundadores Library to schedule the virtual appointment at the number (4) 444 05 55 Ext: 1131, 1132 or 1437.

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