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The CES University carried out a Carousel of recreational, educational and health activities at the Villa del Socorro Educational Institution, located in Comuna 2 of Medellín. This conference was carried out within the framework of the Lazos social management program, which seeks to contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities.

“This carousel was very significant because with different faculties and areas of the University we accompanied more than 600 students on various topics. They were provided with tools related to mental health, the life project, assertive communication, healthy lifestyles, among others ” , said Alejandra Marín Domínguez, coordinator of social management of the Sustainability area of the CES University.

Photograph of one of the activities of the Carousel

To this conference, led by the Head of Sustainability and the Faculty of Medicine, areas such as Institutional Well-being and Human Development and Organizational Communication were added. Student volunteers from the program also participated 'CES Leaders' and students of Psychology and Medicine.

Carolina Posada Ortiz, Social Promotion psychologist at CES University, expressed "We wanted to get involved in this action because we have some leading students from Wellbeing who are trained in leadership projects and social management, so we wanted to put into practice everything we learned, and obviously link ourselves to large social actions to help transform as well with a grain of sand ".

In this carousel, topics on: life project, managing emotions, sexual and reproductive health, assertive communication, mental health and healthy fun were discussed. Each topic had tips and playful exercises entertaining the kids while receiving important information for their lives.

With these types of activities our U seeks to Strengthen capacities in the community so that it contributes to the development of its territory and to the improvement of its quality of life.

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