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Photography-In Colombia the first 6 masters of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics graduated

Photography: CES University

With comprehensive training to address the pediatric population, from newborn to adolescent, in terms of health and body movement; In Medellín, the first six Master's degrees in Pediatric Physiotherapy from CES University graduated on September 24, the only ones in Colombia and one of the few in Latin America.

This is a group of professionals who graduated from the University's Faculty of Physiotherapy in an emotional virtual ceremony, this being the first cohort of a program that is only offered in the country and with similar characteristics in their curriculum in other institutions in Argentina and Spain, for example.

This program bases the concepts necessary to carry out a physiotherapeutic intervention in the pediatric area from the basic science, the physiotherapeutic evaluation, together with the main deficiencies that appear in this stage of life and the different intervention strategies, which will have an influence direct impact on the health, movement and quality of life of the pediatric population”, Explained Sandra Milena Hincapié Garaviño, Head of Postgraduate Programs at the Faculty of Physiotherapy at CES University.

The Master of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics is of clinical deepening, it makes a comprehensive approach to children and adolescents, from the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular and pulmonary and integumentary domains. The scientific importance is focused on strengthening the clinical criteria of the physiotherapist, to address this specific population, this will be projected to teamwork in different institutions and to the consolidation of research processes.

The master physiotherapist will be able to work in hospital and clinical environments in which they work for the health and movement of the pediatric population; in public and private institutions whose approach is directed to the development of policies in favor of children and adolescents, participating in health promotion and disease prevention strategies. Participate in research processes that promote the health and movement of the population in question and may also participate in the academic training of physiotherapists interested in the area”Added Claudia Bibiana García Paz, academic coordinator of the Master of Physiotherapy in Pediatrics.

Among the first graduates there are professionals from the departments of Antioquia and Nariño. In addition, they have 15 students in training from Cauca and Huila, as well as people with disabilities studying the Master's Degree.

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