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Photograph of the medals that Luisa Fernanda Arias Rayo won

On January 5, 1994, the Arias Rayo family arrived, a little girl who would soon become a pride for Antioquia swimming. Which received the name of Luisa Fernanda Arias Rayo.

From his first year of age in the INDER Envigado swimming team, he began to chart his future in swimming; path that would lead her to win 3

Photograph of the athlete Luisa Fernanda Arias Rayo on the podiummedals (1 silver and 2 bronze) in the Medellín 2019 National Swimming Open Tournament, qualifying for the 2019 Paranational Games and a place, again, in the Antioquia team.

Being in the water, for Luisa, is an opportunity to feel different, where she moves with more skill and feels that she is in a much safer place, where she wants to be, regardless of her condition of spina bifida - myelomeningocele.

For her, it is a pride to be able to represent the department, and more in some games that are held every 4 years, where she will give her best, so that everything goes in the best way and as planned, get on the podium again.

Their motivation? His family, thanks to them, is a strong person; Thanks to your support, your dedication and your love, you are fulfilling a great dream; they are his base and for them, he gives his best.

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