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That the hills are an impediment? The electric bike loan test stage at CES shows that it can. An advanced phase of the program will invite
to participate to the neighbors.

By Daniel Palacio Tamayo

The fact that to get to the university you have to overcome some good slopes by pedal is no longer justification to discard a means of transport different from the traditional one of the private vehicle. They have realized that at the CES university, and where for almost a month they have had the rental of electric bicycles at the service of the academic community.

Alejandra Marín, coordinator of social projection of the CES, explains that due to the terrain in which the institution is located, an alternative that was viable and attractive was thought, that is why an alliance was made that in a first stage rents bicycles for hours to students, teachers and administrative staff, and in a second it would be expanded for the community of this upper area of the 10.

And although the launch of the program coincided for a few days with the holiday period, there is already a balance: “We were surprised because we also launched the carpooling or car-sharing application; We thought that because of the terrain they were going to use it more than bicycles, but these were better received, ”says Marín.

How do they work?
Through the institutional card you can rent one of these bicycles and the charge is made according to the time of use. The cost ranges between 2 thousand and 15 thousand pesos, since it is also allowed to take it from one day to the next and not only use it in the so-called "gaps" or dead times between classes at the university.

Additionally, and thanks to an alliance established with the private company Ozono, the CES university allocates 30% of the income from loans for food, enrollment and study of a second language programs for low-income students, with the purpose of that all programs have economic, social and environmental impact.

A medium that grows in reception
Carlos Cadena Gaitán, a professor at Eafit and an activist for the use of bicycles, is witness to the increasing acceptance that non-polluting means of transport are having. For example, at Eafit there is a shared electric bike station for Grupo Argos employees and "the data shows that it has been a resounding success."

Cadena reiterates that the hills are an apology from the past, because "I who live in the upper part of San Lucas, on my electric bicycle I do not sweat a drop on my routes that start from Eafit".

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