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The teacher and maxillofacial surgeon, Pablo Emilio Correa Echeverri, along with three undergraduate students in Dentistry from CES University, have adapted a drug that is normally used for joint pain in the body, for example, it is used in orthopedics.

"The simile of how it is used for other areas was made and it began to be used in the mandibular joint where it has given good results," says the maxillofacial surgeon who is also head of the Postgraduate Division in Dentistry, Dr. Pablo Emilio Correa Echeverri.

After trying empirically, the teacher and the three students realized that the medicine would help reduce inflammation and reduce pain in the affected area. However, they had not done a study to really measure and quantify the beneficial action for patients, so they designed an investigation in a group of patients.

An article published in the scientific journal The Journal of Dental Science, Oral and Maxillofacial Research emerged from such research. The article was called in Spanish "Infiltration with Triamcinolone in patients with temporomandibular disorders".

The protocol to use the drug consists of three injections, one every 15 days in the painful point by applying a cubic centimeter of Triamcinolone. The improvement is expected to occur from the first infiltration; some patients need all three sessions and this therapy can be applied once a year.
The research found a significant reduction in pain in the study patients


Application of jaw medicine

Photo: Courtesy Pablo Correa Echeverry

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