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Photo-In Mexico they spoke the same language for three days: medicine

Photography: Juliana Gaviria

The Colombian team that traveled to Mexico in February to participate in the Fifth International Medical Knowledge Contest (CiCom) was made up of the academic coordinator Dr. Juliana Gaviria Serrano and the students who belonged to each year of the degree: Susana Villegas Sánchez, María Clara Escobar Millán, Sofía Valencia Barrera, Julián Arango Trujillo, Tomás Giraldo Hinestroza and Captain Ricardo Cano Castaño.

“We have been preparing since November. I thank the teachers because because of them we were able to perform well in the contest, ”said Susana Villegas.

Susana and the rest of her companions did not know each other before traveling to Mexico, but according to her the months of preparation were key for the union that the group was going to have later.

"We used to meet at the University to study, but we went bowling and even on December 23 we were studying together and we ordered pizza," said Susana.

Once in Mexico City, the contest was divided into three days in which each group had to go through different rounds and the ones with the most correct answers won. 28 universities participated and only the CES University represented the Antioquia region, in the first round the contest was divided into six groups, where our representatives came out first.

When they arrived at the hotel, which was also where all the universities stayed, they began to study anatomy, embryology, genetics, etc., because they did not want to have doubts when facing any question. They spent all the time together, so much so that people told them they were too close together.

The second day was the hardest, since the group from our University was the only team that got the first question wrong, a situation that made the students a little nervous. At that moment one of the members intervened and argued with evidence that the answer they had given was correct. After analyzing it and a teacher who was in the audience supported the students' arguments, the answer was validated.

“One of the rituals we had was that when we always answered a question, we held hands and prayed, we told each other that we loved each other and thanked each other for having met. There we became super Catholic, ”said student Villegas.

The third and last day of the contest was the most exciting, our representatives faced the Universidad del Rosario, in Bogotá, in the final that was divided into ten questions. From the eighth they already knew that they had won but the leader Ricardo Cano Castaño kept his group calm and did not let them celebrate before, as an act of respect.

"The members of the Universidad del Rosario were wonderful, I really liked having met them because I know that in the future we will be colleagues," concluded student Susana Villegas.

This is the first time that a Colombian final has been held in the contest, as well as being the first time that CES University has managed to come out first in the contest, after having participated for the third time.

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