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During July 5 and 6, 2019, the 1st Antioquia Regional Symposium will be held at the CES University of Medellín: 'Linguistic Models, Deaf Educators working for an inclusive quality education' that will bring together deaf educators, linguistic models and interpreters directly involved with the education of the deaf community in the department of Antioquia.

This symposium has two very important characteristics, the first is that it is organized by the Colombian Association of Deaf Educators (ACEDUS). The second is about its guests, since it is the users of this language who take the responsibility of preparing for the academy, seeking to improve the teaching processes of their population.

Sign language image “The University is participating in this Symposium, in support of the educational inclusion process that we are generating with the sign language program. Universities as important as the CES are beginning to link deaf teachers so that they work with the hearing population and professionally teach us the Colombian sign language ” , stated the coordinator of the Center for Languages and Culture of the CES University, Camila Pinzón Valencia.

Some of the speakers at this academic event are Verónica Morales from ACEDUS; on behalf of the Secretary of Education, Lic. Julia Alexis Franco; the deaf educator Rolando Rasgo and Mg. Giovanni Melendres, INSOR institutional advisor.

The ACEDUS Association will seek to promote reflection and learning not only for new deaf educators, but also for those who have a great trajectory in the exercise of functions within the educational classroom. It is a great opportunity to dialogue, build and debate with regional and national experts, leaders of the deaf community, professionals and government officials related to the education of this community; all this effort to refine the current projections of the Ministry of Education regarding educational care for people with disabilities.

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