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Photography: Coro Voces

In the first semester of 2020, 269 students benefited from the art and culture courses and representative groups that are offered by the Artistic and Cultural Promotion area of the Institutional Wellbeing Office of the CES University.

This area has an offer of 19 workshops and training courses (piano, guitar, tropical dance, basic drawing, among others) and 10 representative groups made up of students (choir, jazz group, rock groups). None of these courses and working groups have ceased their activities so far during the pandemic.

We had to adapt everything with instructors and directors so that the processes that had been started did not crash. There was no workshop that had to be canceled, although there were some student withdrawals in the first semester, especially since some classes had to be carried out with instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, which not everyone had at home”, Explained Mónica Moreno Osorio, Artistic and Cultural Promotion coordinator.

The coordinator added that, given the limitations of the materials that were presented for practice, the classes were adapted so that through the platforms music theory, music reading, history were given, and that in this way the students would replace the practice time with other knowledge.

One of the biggest challenges we had was tying the timing and assembly issue to the rehearsals. In the particular case of music, a lot of the relationship with the other is needed to be able to rehearse, also on technical issues, acoustics and space”, Said Professor Alejandro Muñoz Orozco, director of the University's jazz and rock group.

Despite these limitations, the professor added that, in the case of theoretical understanding, virtuality works very well, because it is easier to rely on multimedia content such as images or slides for teaching.

Perhaps one of the advantages that we had with the virtual is that what we planned could be repeated several times until the video or what we were doing came out in the best way, but I think that to enjoy these groups 100% it is necessary to be able to have the presence ”, expressed Juan David Guerrero Ramos, from the choir Voices.

The coordinator Moreno Osorio explained that a progressive return to some rehearsals and face-to-face events is already being scheduled starting in September.

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