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The students Sara Valderrama Marín, junior intern and current president of the CES University Medical Students Association (ACEMCES) and Valentina Latorre Londoño, junior intern and current vice president of the same association, were part of the group of seven Colombian medical students who They participated in discussion forums in areas such as public health and human rights, also as delegates of the Association of Scientific Societies of Medicine Students of Colombia (ASCEMCOL).

Photography: Courtesy ACEMCES

It is a very enriching experience, since it represents the medical students of Colombia, in the world. It helps them develop leadership, teamwork, communication skills and provides them with a supremely valuable intercultural experience”, Said the Head of the Division of Undergraduate Medicine of the U. CES, Dr. Paula Catalina Vásquez Marín.

During the days, the students participated in conferences related to health and the use of technologies; IFMSA plenaries for the reform of statutes and entry of new associations, contract fairs and activities for professional exchanges, research and public health, regional sessions by continents and also cultural plans and activities of the host country.

It is an event that brings together more than a thousand medical students from around the world, from more than 120 countries, with the same goal of wanting to change the world. This type of event is a very enriching experience for attendees, not only on a personal level due to the number of doors that open when meeting medical students from all over the world, but also in training as integral doctors, as it allows us to bring ideas to apply them in our community”, Stated Sara Valderrama Marín, president of ACEMCES.

In previous versions, the student Valentina Latorre participated in the same event, but in Montreal, Canada, and the student Estefanía Diaz attended the other federation assembly that takes place every year in March in Slovenia 2019. In addition, in representation of the Faculty of Medicine has participated in several regional meetings, 2017 in Peru; 2018 in Paraguay, and 2019 in Ecuador.

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