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A total of 1,215 people benefited and 424 families with support for the care of a person in a situation of dependency due to disability or illness began to receive support for the improvement of their quality of life from the Mayor's Office of Envigado and the CES University of Medellín .

Its aboutCaregivers programwhich aims to develop actions to improve the quality of life of dependent people, their caregivers and families through the accompaniment, care and strengthening of family and community support networks.

The program began its execution on March 16 by professionals from the Faculty of Nursing of the CES University. This agency signed an association agreement with the Ministry of Health of the municipality of Envigado, when it was awarded a public tender, to undertake technical, administrative and assistance actions in the population to intervene until December 15, 2020.

“An attempt is made to improve the care and safety of care for the users of the programs, with the interdisciplinary support of the other professions and the design of programs that generate value for the project, such as the design of a healthy skin public policy, with this The intervention is expected to improve the current model, which would be a pioneer in the country, and the models of care for the elderly, as public policy, ” said Dr. Dedsy Berbesi Fernández, dean of the Faculty of Nursing at CES University.

Photograph of nursing staff attending a patient

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

This project seeks to impact not only the care of the most vulnerable people in a situation of care dependency such as the elderly, but also those with illnesses at the end of life who are under care at home. For this, 95 caregivers and more than 20 professionals from different areas will be linked.

At the end of the intervention, it is expected to generate greater visibility of the project through the publication of a caregiver's manual, as well as a book derived from the research and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly and / or dependent users of the program in the municipality of Envigado.

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