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About 4,500 undergraduate students and 468 teachers from the CES University began classes in virtual mode from this Monday, March 16, after the Institution of Higher Education decided to suspend face-to-face classes for undergraduate, graduate and continuing education, following the recommendations provided by the National Government and the WHO for the emergency of COVID-19.

The Virtual Education Center of the CES University (CES Virtual) enabled more than 180 virtual classrooms to carry out all the synchronous academic activity that was scheduled. This avoids the displacement of teachers and students to the physical headquarters of the University in the municipalities of Medellín, Envigado and Sabaneta. Classes continue under the regular schedule, the meeting scenario changes and becomes digital.

“CES at CASA is an initiative that we have been developing since 2017, in order to prepare for a contingency that would prevent access to our physical campuses and to promote the implementation of technologies in our teachers, this model prepared us for a contingency such as the that we live today, ”said Catalina Calle Pineda, head of CES Virtual.

In simulated classrooms, teachers and students have a range of tools that support face-to-face, blended and 100% virtual training. There, collaborative, practical work spaces are promoted for research and project development.

Among the benefits of the virtual modality, students will be able to see the teacher and interact with him and with their classmates in real time. Present their doubts through chat or enabling the microphone so that the teacher can solve them live, they even have the possibility of making presentations. They view content on the virtual blackboard related to the teacher's explanations. Additionally, we have virtual classrooms where teachers leave study materials and activities such as workshops, exams, discussion forums, among others.

Thinking of providing them with reinforcing the use of digital tools, CES Virtual invites them to participate in the following trainings:

Moodle : virtual classroom platform. How to create tasks, interact in forums, upload study materials, among others. - March 18, 8:00 am Meeting link:

Virtual exams : configuration, assembly of questions and Question Machine. - March 18, 10:00 am Meeting link:

Zoom : how to record a class or session, how to share it, use the whiteboard, how to share screen, control participants, among others. March 18, 2:00 pm Meeting link:

Photo of student entering the pc and cell phone at CES Vitrual

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In the same way, we share again some useful tutorials:

For their part, the administrative staff will also carry out their functions under the work-at-home modality for the next two weeks through electronic means and platforms such as Microsoft TEAMS.

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