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Daniel Romeo Upegüi

Photography: Courtesy Daniel Romeo Upegüi

Daniel Romeo Upegüi, sixth semester student of Physiotherapy undergraduate, received an award from the Association of Physiotherapy Students (ACEFIT) for his two years as regional coordinator between 2016 - 2018. The recognition was given within the framework of the Seventh National Meeting of Nursery for Physiotherapy Research that was carried out in the city of Barranquilla, in the department of Atlántico in October 2019.

The Association of Physiotherapy Students (ACEFIT) is a non-profit organization where students from different cities of the country are grouped, this to create committees in favor of associated students through different scientific, social and community programs to contribute in a positive way with more knowledge in the area to the union.

In 2016 Daniel Romero Upegüi came to ACEFIT as a coordinator in order to be a leader, work as a team and help the union grow with more enrolled students. His work lasted two years, where in that time he consolidated several important achievements, such as the meeting of the research seedbed and the student congress that were held together, and that thanks to this many more students of the CES University are interested in belonging to the guild.

“Union membership is very important to me because when a good teamwork is done and when we are all united, many things are achieved, and this was reflected in the Physiotherapy Students Meeting and in the research hotbed of which we were involved. position in October 2018. The two things had never been done together and I made sure that this was here at CES University and that 300 Physiotherapy students came from all the universities in the country, ” said student Daniel Romero Upegui with pride. .

Currently, 250 students from the CES University belong to ACEFIT, and its coordinator is María José Sanín Sepúlveda, a Physiotherapy student at our alma mater, who continues with the work that Romero Upegüi left at the end of 2018.

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