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Photo- CES students will be able to study at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, in Spain

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The dean of social and legal sciences of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Carmen Escolano, visited ouralma mater for the signing of an agreement that will allow students from the Faculties of Law and Administrative and Economic Sciences to be able to make mobilities at said university. This in response to the request of some students who expressed their desire to travel to the University of Elche to develop their studies.

“This agreement is for mobility. Other topics such as research were discussed, but for this, a different specific agreement should be signed, the doors are still open for other activities that could be specified in the future ", said the dean of the Faculty of Law of the CES University, Dr. María Jael Arango Barreneche.

In addition, Dinah Roll Vélez, coordinator of International Cooperation of our University pointed out that this visit by Dean Escolano served to motivate the students to carry out the mobilities.

"Dean Escolano also facilitated the contacts of other faculties of the University of Elche such as Medicine, Biotechnology and the Center for Educational Innovation, for future alliances ", indicated Mrs. Dinah Roll.

For his part, Oscar Emiro Berrio Diaz, dean of the Faculty of Business Administration spoke about the similarities between the management program at CES University and the University of Elche:

"The educational model of the Miguel Hernandez de Elche University is very well articulated with the development and structuring of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, taking into account its content articulated to the value chains of companies and its emphasis on innovation and model of digital transformation ”, according to Dean Berrio.

It should be noted that there are already students from the CES University interested in mobility to Spain, which is one of the three most innovative universities in the Iberian country.

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