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Canines and even felines will now be able to count on a new nebulizer device for the treatment of diseases, this since a group of students and teachers from the CES University of Medellín created an innovative tool for the health care of pets.

It is an animal nebulizer created by the students and teachers of the Institution's Biomedical Engineering program. The product arose from the Design and Innovation subject and consists of a mask, a hose and the nebulizer which allow converting the liquid medicine into vapor with better results and adaptation to the physiognomy of the animals.

“Currently there are no solutions for small species that have respiratory problems. To date, masks from human nebulization processes were used or vinylpel was wrapped with Elizabethan collars, which generated a great loss of nebulizer gas, in addition to great discomfort for patients, ” said Dr. Diego Velásquez Puerta, professor at the Faculty of Engineering from CES University.

For example, Daniel Zárate, a second-semester biomedical engineering student, was part of the group of students who created the canine nebulizer. The innovation arose from the visits guided by the teachers of the course to the Veterinary and Zootechnical Center (CVZ) of the University, where they detected that there was no suitable equipment in the national market for the health treatment of domestic animals.

“The process was very simple. What we did was adapt an Elizabethan collar, which a dog is used to wearing in a certain way, and combine it with a nebulizer inlet and a CO2 outlet so that all nebulisations can be done by both the owner and the staff of the Center of Veterinary and Zootechnics (CVZ) without having high cost problems ”, explained Daniel.

The canine nebulizer was tested in the pets of the same students with optimal results for the vital minimums.“The challenge now is to move from the minimum viable prototype to a definitive prototype that can be produced to scale and commercialized. In other words, the next step is the one corresponding to the business model and product management "added teacher Velásquez Puerta.

The innovation of the device has to see that there is no prototype of its conditions in the market and that it meets the appropriate specifications. Existing products release gas in large quantities and the therapeutic effect of the bronchodilator is lost.

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