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Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

This subject seeks to sow concerns in students in order to generate new developments through project work that solve real problems, whether of the different faculties or of a specific organization. "Currently there are two interventions, because last semester a functional prototype of nebulization for dogs and cats was carried out for the CVZ Veterinary and Zootechnical Center, which is under evaluation, since the idea is to reach the commercialization and / or patent of the products." Affirms the teacher Echavarría.

This simulator is an instrument that will allow students to acquire venipuncture skills through an experience that is as real as possible, but without biological risks; pollution or accidents. The Master in Biomedical Engineering tells "Although we seek product development, there are other concomitant elements such as providing tools to carry out the prototype, that is, the handling of materials such as resins, silicones, plastic, metal, etc.".

The project has already passed the initial phase of problematization and conceptualization, now the wearable is being developed as it is known in the design world, since the simulator is basically a human forearm, since this is the anatomical area where the extraction procedure is carried out. blood more frequently, by means of different materials an attempt is made to imitate each component of the limb such as: bone, muscle, veins and each skin tissue. It is important that the specimen includes all the characteristics that are required to obtain reality in the experience without losing the patient's proprioception.

As positive aspects we highlight that with this project the Rehabilitation Laboratory of the IPS CES Sabaneta is being given life, which had not been used for about two years and also that the entire teaching staff is linked to the group of students and is available for any idea can materialize. It is expected that by the end of the semester there will be a functional prototype that will be validated.

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