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Christmas is Giving Smiles is a campaign that is carried out nationwide in the main cities of the country such as Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Manizales, Pereira and Tunja; and it is done with low-income schools to give children a pleasant moment with playful games, gifts and snacks.

The leaders of this initiative are the Association of Scientific Societies of Medical Students of Colombia (ASCEMCOL), to which the Scientific Association of Medical Students of the CES University (ACEMCES) belongs and the activity will be carried out in conjunction with other Associations of students of the Faculties of Medicine of Medellín with a total of 50 volunteers.

In Medellín, this initiative will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2019 with 800 children from the Samuel Barrientos Restrepo Educational Institution and the Monseñor Perdomo and Pio Xll headquarters located in commune 13 of the city.

“We chose the Samuel Barrientos Educational Institution because it is located in a vulnerable area of the city. It is a public school and well and we had the facility to communicate with them; The activity proposal was made to them seeing that there are many children whom we can help and impact ”, said the president of ACEMCES, Laura Isabel Gómez Aristizábal.

The gifts collected for this campaign have been donated since a month before the activity by different people from the university community and some companies in the city. So far $ 2,500,000 pesos and toys for children of different ages have been collected. In the Faculty of Medicine, located on the third floor of building C, there is a box where you can put the toys that people want to donate.

“In this campaign, in addition to carrying out an activity with the children in the school where they will be talked about human rights, games will be played with them about human rights and finally there will be a Christmas celebration, they will be given a snack and they will be will give a gift from the people who have donated during the campaign, " added Laura Isabel Gómez Aristizábal.

Ten fundamental rights as they are: the right to life, to education, to health, to water, to identity, to freedom of expression, to protection, to recreation and leisure, to have a family and feeding; They will be taught to children from primary to 12 years of the Educational Institution, in order to promote knowledge about their rights as minors.

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