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Giving day

Photograph: Courtesy Office of Sustainability

One of the Giving Day activities was the scratch, support and win, a card that contained different amounts from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000. The contributors of this activity could participate in two surprise prizes, the name of the winners will be announced soon.
With this activity $ 889,000 were collected; Plants of the succulent species were also offered for sale, of which 116 were sold, which left a total of $ 855,000 and finally 20 piggy banks were arranged in the different venues that were left in charge of faculties, support areas and receptions. The piggy banks will be collected at the end of the year and the money raised will be added to the CES Solidarity Fund.

The CES Solidarity Fund is an institutional strategy that was created in order to contribute to the access and retention of students with financial difficulties.

With the intention of publicizing the entire community and promoting contributions to the CES Solidarity Fund, on October 16 and 17, 2019, a dissemination and collection day was held at the Poblado, Center for Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics ( MVZ) and IPS CES Sabaneta called the Giving Day, with the motto: changing stories by building lives.

It was a very interesting opportunity to talk about the CES Solidarity Fund, tell them how we are doing, tell them that anyone can support it, that you do not necessarily have to give enormous values and that a small contribution makes a difference and is an important contribution for us.“, Commented Bernardo Gómez Cortés, Coordinator of Relationship and Fund Procurement.

The idea is that as a community we unite in that purpose of supporting students who have difficulties and that these difficulties arise at any time, we do not think that the support is only for students of strata 1,2 and 3. but we find another type of students who, due to some situation or economic problem, need help”Concluded the Coordinator of Relationship and Fund Procurement.

In the second semester of this year, 250 students have been benefited by the CES Solidarity Fund and it is hoped that with the support of the entire community we can continue to help many more.

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