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Two graduates of the CES University conducted a study that determined the appearance of blood clots in children with tuberculosis, being a rare complication in pediatric patients in Colombia.

The CES researchers, Martha Reyes Iriarte, last year Pediatrics resident and Natalia Osorio Gómez, a teacher attached to the Pediatrics program at the Faculty of Medicine, found the case in a III level hospital in Medellín and considered it important to report the complication of tuberculosis. because it is a frequent disease in Colombia.

The study began in 2018 when a 14-year-old teenager with pulmonary tuberculosis was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with the formation of blood clots that blocked her veins, lung and kidney, preventing circulation. This case is rare in pediatric patients, and its studies are limited within medical research.

“We are interested in promoting research in pediatrics and, above all, learning to recognize complications of tuberculosis, since we are a country with a high prevalence of it. We reviewed the local literature and there were few reports in this regard, so this research was born from the motivation to report and strengthen clinical studies in our population, ” said Martha Reyes Iriarte, resident physician and researcher at the CES University.

Tuberculosis is a highly prevalent pathology in Colombia, underdiagnosed in the pediatric population because it presents with subtle symptoms that, in general, can be confused with other diseases.

Anyone can get TB. The importance of this in the pediatric population is to strengthen the diagnosis, since it is more severe in younger patients, thus initiating timely treatment and thus avoiding complications.

The case report was made so that the medical community is attentive to the commitment to the pathology and its complications. In addition, it was replicated and highlighted by the National Institute of Health (INS) of Colombia.

The study on thromboembolic complications associated with tuberculosis in pediatric patients was published by the INSin the journal Biomédica of the National Institute of Health.

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