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Photograph of a person viewing the mail We must bear in mind that in Colombia there is Law 1581 of 2012, which obliges us to treat the personal data appropriately and for the purposes that are collected. That is why it is important that each of the areas and faculties of the CES University can segment very well the audiences or the market niches to which they will direct their mass emails.

Blacklists are mailboxes or lists that are generated from mass email senders, which normally the recipient of the email can mark as spam or that the email provider classifies as having the IP address of the sender of the mail as a dangerous address.

The fact that we fall on these lists would not only affect the faculty or area that is sending the email, but it would also affect other emails that are authorized for this. So we have to stop thinking about ourselves and see that with these types of actions we can affect other areas of the University”, Clarified José Daniel Sepúlveda Ruiz, intellectual property advisor and personal data processing officer at CES University.

Photograph of the email on the Smarth Phone

At this time, the University has different types of emails, which are authorized to make these shipments from the Masterbase platform, to prevent us from falling on black lists. This platform also gives a report on who opens the mail, when it opens and what the opening rate is, being an important tool because it can deliver the trend on the effectiveness of sending communications.

The advisor Sepúlveda expressed “In these mass emails, information on the academic offer of any of the faculties or business units of the University can be sent, communications that are of interest to the university community, understood as the university community to students, parents, graduates, full-time or full professors and employees”.

To prevent the University from falling into black lists, I invite the university community to use the mailing platform that is managed from the Marketing Area of the CES University. That they approach Marketing, it can be through Luisa Fernanda Jaramillo, who is the person in charge of managing the Masterbase platform, or through me, that we coordinate that shipment”, Stated Ángela María Gallón Botero, head of the Marketing Area of CES University.

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