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A 'squad' of 62 workers, men and women, who with disinfectant, broom and hose in hand will carry out the tasks of disinfection, cleaning and general cleaning of the Poblado headquarters of the CES University, to prevent the spread and as a containment measure of the coronavirus, in the absence of the university community these days.

These efforts are in addition to the prevention measures that have been adopted for a week with the installation of informational posters in the bathrooms and the location of glycerinated alcohol dispensers at various points, the delivery of disinfection kits to employees, among others.

Photo of exhaustive toilet brigade at CES University

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

"The spraying works are being carried out with quaternary ammonium salts in corridors, cafeterias, first aid area and bathrooms," said the administrative support assistant, Diana María Estrada Monsallve.

Personal hygiene items such as antibacterials will also be delivered to employees who will gradually transfer their activities to virtual mode from home. In addition, bottles of antiseptic alcohol with a sweet coat to clean the workplace and items such as cell phones, keyboards and computers, among others.

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