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The Faculty of Nursing of the CES University has a new postgraduate degree among its academic offerings: it is the specialization in Nursing in caring for people with wounds and ostomies, a program that will be offered for the first time at a university in Antioquia.

The care and care of people with wounds and ostomies (a surgically created opening that communicates a hollow internal organ with the outside to promote fecal or urinary elimination, respiration or nutrition) is generally in high demand in different health care institutions, therefore it is necessary to have a special care service for these situations”Explained Ángela María Pulgarín Torres, professor at the Faculty of Nursing and postgraduate coordinator.

According to the teacher, there are many nurses who carry out this activity, but they do not have a formal study. So this is the opportunity to gain the knowledge to offer better patient care.

Registration for the program will be open until January 22, 2021, which will meet in fortnightly meetings for 14 students who as a requirement must have an undergraduate degree in Nursing. The specialization will be of two academic semesters that will begin on February 1, 2021.

According to Leidy Zapata Ruiz, academic coordinator of the specialization, specialists in this area acquire specific knowledge and competencies in both being, knowing and knowing how to take care of people with highly complex wounds and ostomies based on a comprehensive assessment and specific to the case to give an adequate treatment to each patient with the use of high-tech devices and equipment.

The program will have as a practice field the CES Clinic and an important teaching component focused on simulation. Those interested may enter this Link to learn more about the specialization and register.

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