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Photograph of the book Medical Ethics

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

In 2003, Dr. Luis Alfonso Vélez Correa, a doctor and one of the founders of the CES University, presented what was then the last edition of the book on Medical Ethics, one of the benchmarks for the study and teaching of ethics in the health professions.

After 17 years, and after the special commission to write a new book that Dr. Vélez Correa made to Dr. Ricardo Posada Saldarriaga, graduate and current dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the CES University, it was presented on the 30th of November 2020 the renewed edition of this text that will update its chapters to extend the discussion of ethics to contemporary issues in the health sciences.

It should be clarified that, although the book is called 'Medical Ethics', its 31 chapters touch on topics related to other areas of health such as physiotherapy, nutrition, nursing and pre-hospital care; so it can be a reference text for any health area”Explained Dr. Posada Saldarriaga.

This publication consists of about 400 pages of 31 different authors who integrated the project, which took 10 months to develop and has as editors the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Clara Cossio Uribe, a graduate of the CES University of the program of Medicine and Master in Bioethics.

This book is written in an experiential way that arouses interest in the reader by masterfully dealing with intense topics of debate: such as abortion, euthanasia, genetic manipulation, in vitro fertility, among others.”, Detailed Jaime Andrés Cano Salazar, General Director of the Center for Biological Research - (CIB).

These current topics of debate were one of the main reasons to renew the contents in this new edition and, as Dr. Posada added, they hope that a new book of Medical Ethics every six years, and thus more regularly update the discussion regarding decisions, practices and the duty of health professionals in each era.

The book can be purchased on the CES Editorial website with a launch price of 70,000 Colombian pesos. Those interested in buying it can contact the mail or in your On-line shop.

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