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Through Resolution 6091 of June 12, 2019, the Ministry of National Education (MEN) granted the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the CES University high quality accreditation to its undergraduate degree for the next four years.

Being one of the youngest programs at the University, 15 years old, and growing year after year, the Ministry noted the commitment that the Faculty makes to this program every day, which currently has approximately 550 students.

“This news confirms the commitment of each of the faculties to excellence. A special recognition to the entire work team of the Faculty of Physiotherapy ”, expressed Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, rector of the CES University.

Advertising piece referring to the high quality accreditation of PhysiotherapyThe high performance in the Saber Pro tests, its 47 practice sites nationwide, the double degree with the University of Talca in Chile, the work at the CES Prado Clinic and at the IPS CES Sabaneta, the low dropout rates in the program, among other aspects, were fundamental aspects for the Ministry to accredit the Physiotherapy program.

The dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the CES University, Verónica Tamayo Montoya feels satisfaction for the duty fulfilled and endless emotions, as she expressed it “We are happy and proud, they are two very important emotions for us, because having a high quality accreditation allows us to present ourselves to the whole of society saying that what we do in the program meets certain requirements and standards, all of high quality. And we are very proud because we know that it is a program that has been growing year after year, so that means that what we do is recognized ”.

The Ministry makes some invitations to the Faculty to continue improving as in student mobility and teaching issues, in the increase in scientific production and increase the Colciencias level category for the research group 'Movement and health'.

"I think that there are the challenges, that not only the Ministry tells us, but they are on our work agenda for the next few years," said Dean Tamayo.

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