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The CES University is holding the second edition of the Financing Fair for undergraduates from June 1 to 5, which aims to publicize the Educational Strengthening Program and the Pronto Pago program of the U.

This time the event is being carried out through virtuality due to the pandemic and only includes the programs that are still being called, such as Business Administration, Law, Biology, Ecology, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy Regency, virtual program (CES-UNAB Agreement).

People who enter the event will have the possibility to navigate 24 hours a day through the virtual stands of all the programs offered by the University. In addition, those who register for any of the undergraduates during the days of the fair will be exempt from the registration fee. The hours of attention through the chat are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pmApplicant entering the virtual financing fair from his cell phone

People who are interested in entering the fair can do so by entering the link and if they want to enroll in a program, they can do so through the Admissions and Registration stand that will be accompanying the pre-registration and registration process and which will guide the sending of documentation.

The virtual activity also has the presence of the Financial Support office whose function is explained by the head of the office, Leslie Margarita Bonilla Villero.

“At the Financial Support stand, information about the CES Educational Strengthening Program will be provided to new students, which offers discounts of 25% on the value of enrollment at levels 1,2,3,4 and 15% on the tuition value of the first semester to strata 5 and 6, this for the careers of Business Administration, Law, Biology, Ecology, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry ", said Mrs. Bonilla Villero.

In addition, information about the Pronto Pago program is delivered from the same stand, which offers a 10% discount on the value of the tuition for the first semester to people who enroll in the Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics careers. , Nursing and Dentistry.

For information on the university scholarship program, comprehensive support, university support network and sports, gym, art and culture issues, there is the Institutional Wellbeing and Human Development stand. Also, throughout the fair there are different conferences that help participants to make a better decision when choosing where to study their career.

The Financing Fair also includes the presence of allied financial entities: Icetex, Fincomercio, Banco Pichincha, Fondo Sapiencia, Sufi and Banco Itaú.

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