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Verónica Tamayo Montoya and Juan Pablo Sánchez Salazar, dean and professor at the University's Faculty of Physiotherapy respectively, highlighted the role of physiotherapists in the recovery of patients with COVID-19 and the importance of integrating these professionals into the Care Units Intensive (ICU) to prevent and avoid the consequences that this disease can have physically.

We have seen how people have a wrong or incomplete concept of the work of the physiotherapist, since they think that our profession only focuses on the attention of people from the physical part, in the sports field, or some compare us to masseurs. We take care of seeing each person in an integral way, from the biological, the cardiopulmonary, neurological, musculoskeletal, linking it with the body movement and intervening people and communities in a functional and social context”, Explains Juan Pablo Sánchez Salazar.Physiotherapist performing leg exercises to a patient

In addition, the teacher indicated that, in the particular case of patients with COVID-19, his role focuses on the period of rest in the ICU, where the patient remains sedated and immobile for a long period of time, he needs his body It is coupled with mechanical ventilation and early joint and muscle mobilization to improve later recovery. Then, if you are able to move and free yourself from ventilation, the physical therapist will intervene to begin to regain normal body functions - from sitting to walking again.

Dean Verónica Tamayo emphasizes the importance of the health system recognizing these professionals and strengthening the integration of its internal rehabilitation and prevention processes to combat COVID-19.

The pandemic has made us better understand health and the value of rehabilitation processes, this has made physiotherapy more visible as a profession. But there are system challenges related to the lack of physiotherapists in ICUs in adequate proportions and that there is a guarantee of personal protection elements and thus avoid the risk of being infected.”, He added.

In addition to this, the dean expressed that the graduates of the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the CES University are prepared for situations such as those of this pandemic, especially in comprehensive rehabilitation processes where Physiotherapy plays a fundamental role so that patients can recover from this disease and have the best possible quality of life.

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