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Photo of Fulbright Colombia scholarship students

Through the National Fulbright Tour Colombia, the Commission will present its Scholarship programs in the United States, on March 12, 2019, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in room B1201 of the CES University, Poblado headquarters.

Fulbright is the commission for educational exchange between the United States and Colombia. Its mission is to promote intercultural knowledge, scientific and research cooperation and development, through advanced training of leaders with a high degree of social commitment.

Logo Fulbright Colombia - 60 yearsIt seeks to reach more than 80 universities in 25 cities in the country, where the portfolio of studies will be presented and concerns will be resolved to all Colombian students and professionals interested in applying to these opportunities.

The portfolio is made up of scholarships for masters and doctorates; as well as academic and research stays in the United States. The scholarships cover the application in up to five American universities, university costs, airline tickets, visa processing, support during study time, an intensive English course for up to eight months, among other benefits.

The talks seek to bring together graduates, teachers, institution officials, researchers; undergraduate and graduate students, and other interested parties who wish to apply for and access the Scholarships.

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