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This is Dr. Guillermo Cárdenas Jaramillo, a dentist by profession and one of the 8 founders of our University, who sent a message of gratitude to the entire community for their efforts during the pandemic.Photograph of the Founder of CES University sending a message to the university community

As founder I am very proud that we have achieved such important achievements in this time of contingency since our commitment has always been the benefit of the community.”Said Dr. Cárdenas Jaramillo.

In addition, Dr. Cárdenas assured that it was the committed work of the entire community, teachers, administrative body, students, parents and applicants that managed to keep the Institution afloat during the times that have lived.

People who want to see the thank you video, can do so through the followinglink.

The CES University has been closing its headquarters for more than 100 days, although since June 1 it has been reopening some services that it provides in its different facilities.

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