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As of September 21, 2020, the CES Gymnasium will open again at its Poblado headquarters in accordance with the biosafety measures promulgated by the national government for these establishments and the biosafety conditions and restrictions that were established by the CES University.

“The reopening will be done with all the biosecurity measures: there will be zone demarcations for each user and specific equipment, cleaning and cleaning supplies will be available, we will increase the capacity of the hand washing areas, and between each change of shift there will be a disinfection of the equipment and the space for 15 minutes ”, explained Daniel Correa Vanegas, manager of the CES Gymnasium.

Users who want to return to the gym must reserve their appointment on the telephone line 4440555 Ext. 1979 - 1681, from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm Only a maximum capacity of 50 people will be allowed (including instructors) and there will be no group classes . The exercises will be performed individually with the advice of a trainer, if required.

As of September 21, the different plans that the approximately 1,200 gym users have, which have been frozen since March 16, will be reactivated. People who wish to keep their plans frozen must do so every month, that is, on September 21, October 21 and in that way only for this year, by means of a digital form that must be requested on the hotline. .

The CES Gymnasium clarified that there will be no increase in rates for the rest of the year and people who cannot attend in person will be able to continue with virtual services, such as group classes, personalized through the official networks on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

With the security protocols the training of our user is not affected. Studies show that the quality of exercise and the athlete's performance does not increase or decrease due to the specific use of a mask. Regarding the space of our service, people will feel safe because they will have tasks and assigned areas with total comfort”, Explained Rogelio Valencia Sierra, coach of the gym.

Also, the elderly population is recommended not to attend the Poblado headquarters as a protection measure, and they do so at their own risk. There will be no shower service once people finish their training, entry will be through a turnstile and exit through a different one.

Users will receive instructions by mail with the information and procedures to follow in place and a survey to complete their admission to the University throughCES takes care of me.

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