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The CES Solidarity Fund is a strategy that was created in order to contribute to the access and permanence of students with financial difficulties. In the second half of 2019, 250

Beneficiary of the Solidarity Fund

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

Students have been the beneficiaries and in order to contribute to the sustainability, on October 16 at the El Poblado Headquarters and on October 17 at the IPS CES Sabaneta and at the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Center (CVZ) the Giving Day will be held.

Giving Day is a day for CES University employees, students and collaborators to join and bond through contributions such as money, supplies and activities to the Solidarity Fund. These days the same beneficiaries will be doing activities such as: sale of succulent plants, scratch game, support and win, and piggy banks in different places of the University.

“Through the purchase of a succulent plant and all the resources that are collected in those days are destined to support students in different lines: transport, food, academic materials, accommodation, enrollment. Every time the demand is greater and we need more resources to benefit many more students ” , expressed Carolina Cardona Álvarez, social worker and leader of the University Social Promotion of Institutional Well-being and Human Development.

The CES University has different ways of collecting resources for students, among the strategies are the food dispensing machines that are located in all the buildings of the El Poblado headquarters, 15% of its sales go to the CES Solidarity Fund. Also in the peasant markets there is a stand, where the beneficiary students have the opportunity to sell single girls, wafers and lollipops.

The rector of the CES University, Dr. Jorge Julián Osorio Gómez, invites the entire university community to help our students “On Giving Day we will receive donations of supplies, equipment, utensils so that our students can carry out their different activities; That is why I invite you to be active participants on that day, an important day for all of us ".


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