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Photography of the Guacharacas

In addition to hosting a broad community of students, faculty, and administrative staff, CES University is also home to many species of native animals and plants that inhabit urban areas. One of these species is the Colombian Guacharaca, which bears the scientific name of Ortalis columbiana.

This species is in its reproductive season, has chicks and has been very active at the University in recent weeks. This Guacharaca is endemic to Colombia, that is, it can only be found in our country, and it can be observed in mountainous regions of the Central and Western Cordillera.

In addition, from the Colombian Guacharaca, more than 70 species of birds have been recorded at the CES University. There are also flycatchers, tanagers, fatbeaks, woodpeckers, cucaracheros, owls, toucans and kernels.Photograph of the pigeons

It is normal that we sometimes see chicks and young birds flying around or on the ground, or the chick singing and chirping, but this is normal. The best thing we can do, here at the University, is to leave them alone, not to interrupt their normal reproduction cycle, not to pick them up or take them anywhere, because this is part of their life. So you have to be very careful not to try to grab and manipulate them, unless their lives are in danger, for example, in the middle of the street.”, This was an invitation from the PhD. Paulo César Pulgarín Restrepo, biologist-ornithologist and professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology of the CES University.

The Guacharaca or Chachalacas is considered a species of minor concern and according to the organization Birdlife International, dedicated to the protection of birds and their habitats, is classified as a low risk of extinction as it is a relatively abundant species. In some studies, high priority is recommended in terms of conservation and further investigation of its natural history, because it is a native species of Colombia.

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