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Photo- Helices leadership center

Photograph: Courtesy of Shutterstok

Like that set of fins that rotate around an axis and that produce a force for the propulsion of a vehicle, this analogy is how Hélices is conceived, the new training center for corporate leaders in Colombia created by the CES University of Medellín.

The Hélices center arises from the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the University focused on practical and international training, through programs tailored for the country's business leaders, all in alliance with the European School (EUSchool) of Leadership and the Mentoring Business School.

“Hélices is a leadership training center. What the faculty did in 2019 was to sit down with experts from Bogotá, Medellín and international allies of Spain from Chile and the United States to develop, in addition to a training model, the skills required by companies, institutions, corporations and in general Today, of a leader ”, commented Oscar Berrío Díaz, dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the CES University.

At the center, attendees will be able to delve into competencies such as effective communication, achievement orientation, persuasion and influence techniques, methods for resolving group conflicts, managing uncertainty and effects on business culture, crisis management, among others. It will have five leadership profiles: Top Leader, Goal Leader, Strategic Leader, Manager Leader and Mentor Leader, each of them with different approaches to training.

"These skills are very much oriented to the type of organizations that exist today that are 4.0 companies and how that reality of business, that reality of companies and those market demands require that within organizations there are leaders who have new ones competences, very different from those of 10 years ago ”, added Juan Carlos Escudero Montoya, Extension coordinator of the Faculty.
The Hélices model was successfully applied in a pilot project with 44 leaders of the Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá Limitada - Metro de Medellín Ltda., In 2019.

The Hélices launch was held this March 12 at the El Poblado headquarters of the CES University in Medellín. During the event, a panel with an international expert from EUSchool participated on the challenges of leadership in industry 4.0; There will also be Pablo Toledo, renowned Chilean director and academic of the retail sector, who will speak about leadership in times of crisis, and Solángel Ardila and George Murillo, Hélices's leading consultants.

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