Faced with great challenges, great transformations are required. That is why we proudly announce that Comfama and Hola Dr., a notable local telemedicine venture from CES University, reached an agreement to work together, develop new services and strengthen a virtual model of health care.

The alliance will consist of a sum of capabilities. Hola Dr. will contribute the knowledge of the virtual health care model, pioneer in Colombia, the modern technological platform and his experience and that of his partners, the enterprising pediatrician Juan Pablo González, the CES University and the Intergroup technology company. For its part, Comfama will contribute its work in alliance with Sura EPS, its experience in care and well-being, its capabilities in care and its network of 26 health centers, one of the largest in Antioquia.

Telemedicine, directed by telephone and digital channels, complemented with the most modern ICT tools (artificial intelligence, machine learning, Apps and other functionalities), represents great opportunities for health services in Colombia, a trend that, although before it came in growth, it has increased in the crisis generated by COVID-19. In Comfama alone, between the months of March and April, we carried out 217,000 non-face-to-face consultations, thanks to a hotline that we set up to deal with symptoms related to the pandemic.Dr. with a cell phone in hand, checking the app hello Dr.

Therefore, the incorporation of this new alliance, which is added to the face-to-face model, will allow increasing the capacity and agility in the provision of health services for Comfama and Sura EPS members, through pre-hospital care services, general medicine, medicine internal, pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, rheumatology, dentistry, psychology, physiotherapy and nutrition, among others.

Hello Dr., who will continue to provide services not only to Comfama and Sura, but to other IPS and EPS in the region, it is a company created by pediatrician Juan Pablo González, with the participation of the CES University and the Intergrupo technology company, who, from their academic, scientific and technological experience, respectively, support the relevance of this initiative from accessibility, opportunity, security, quality and portability, one of the central characteristics of this care model.

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