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Precisely, these actions have allowed the municipalities of Sabaneta, Barbosa and Apartado to be accompanied by an interdisciplinary team from CES University and the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine ICMT-CES. This professional group have achieved noticeable results such as ensuring that, in the municipality of Sabaneta, for more than two weeks it has not reported new cases of Covid-19 and that, in addition, 100% of the reported cases are recovered, being the first municipality in Colombia to achieve this goal.

The work of the scientific team makes it possible to find new cases efficiently, isolate each patient diagnosed with COVID-19, test them in the ICMT-CES laboratories, treat each case, track possible contacts, involve and empower the communities with the implemented measures such as the closure of borders or education actions in potential crowds.ICMT researcher photograph

In addition, as is the case Apartado, the COVID-19 mitigation plan is articulated with public health actions. This allows other health events such as mental health, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health and other public health dimensions to continue to be addressed. Allowing integrality of interventions and responding efficiently to the health emergency. Then we highlight the actions of advising banana companies that continue to produce, assistance to supermarkets, stores and pharmacies to protect employees and users from contagion; information, education and communication actions to the community.

However, the circulation of the virus continues in Colombia and these municipalities continue to be protected with the implementation of measures based on scientific evidence and the coordination of all social actors.

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