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The CES University of Medellín, through the laboratories of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ICMT), joins the Antioquia Public Health Laboratory network authorized for the diagnosis and processing of 200 daily COVID-19 tests in the region .

ICMT laboratories are located in the municipality of Sabaneta, south of the Aburrá Valley, and in the Apartado in the Urabá subregion. Each unit will have the capacity to process 100 molecular tests daily from now on, as the entity already has the process start record.

"This procedure has already been completed for the headquarters of Sabaneta and we are advancing adaptations in the laboratory and acquiring equipment to be able to do so in Apartado, with the contest of the mayors of the municipalities of Urabá and the entrepreneurs within the framework of the CUEES de URABÁ, who joined forces collected 800 million for this purpose," said ICMT Director Luis Ernesto López Rojas.

At the headquarters of the IPS CES Sabaneta of the University, work was carried out to adapt the ICMT laboratory related to the expansion of the spaces for diagnosis. For example, now there is an area for sample unpacking (BSL2), two rooms for RNA extraction (BSL2), an area for the preparation of reaction mixtures and another independent to add the RNA to the reaction mixture and finally We have four real-time PCR thermal cyclers to perform nucleic acid amplification.

At ICMT headquarters in Apartado, work is advanced to adapt a new laboratory that will have capabilities similar to Sabaneta's space. In addition, an automated machine for the extraction of nucleic acids, a real-time PCR thermocycler, refrigerated centrifuge and two BSL2 Biosafety booths are being acquired.

“It is important to highlight the support of the CES University, which gave its spaces in the Biotechnology area at its IPS CES Sabaneta headquarters and lent us a thermal cycler, in the same way to the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic, which was linked to the loan of another thermal cycler with in order to consolidate a robust installed capacity ”, highlighted the director of the ICMT.

Institutions such as the Mayor of Sabaneta, the mayors and private companies of Urabá and the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Polytechnic joined forces to obtain the authorization of the ICMT laboratories.

For more information you can enter the website of the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine

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