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From the Simdesign alliance to which the CES and EAFIT Universities belong with the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, with the support of the Postobón and Leonisa companies, 650 video laryngoscopes will be manufactured that aim to support the work of medical personnel, in addition to providing security in the midst of the attention of the coronavirus pandemic.

Video laryoscopes are used in the intubation process of patients when they require oxygen, medication or anesthesia due to diseases such as pneumonia or other serious trauma from accidents. These devices allow greater agility when performing the procedure and also more safety for medical personnel because it reduces the risk of exposure to aerosols from the patient's airway.

"It is a device developed by local ingenuity and with technical rigor that facilitates patient care, ensuring the safety of these and the care personnel who handle it at an affordable cost," says Juan David Ángel, head of the Department of Specialties Surgical and Surgery Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe.

In the project, the investigative fee was set by the Simdesign alliance, made up of several researchers from the CES and EAFIT universities and the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, for its part, the Postobón company helped with resources and Leonisa with the donation of 1,300 cameras for the manufacture .

“This research demonstrates the multidisciplinary work of health personnel, biomedical, mechanical and product design engineers. This situation that we are experiencing from COVID-19 shows us that collaborative work, where efforts, knowledge and strengths come together, manages to solve real needs of the health sector, ” said Carolina Londoño Peláez, head of the University's Biomedical Engineering program CES.

Although video laryngoscopes have been on the market for a long time, these devices have not managed to penetrate in the best way within the health system due to their high cost, but in this case the video laryngoscope that Simdesign manufactured has a standard anatomical design and is made with biocompatible materials, being cheaper compared to its similar ones on the market.

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