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First and second semester students of Biomedical Engineering from CES University buried a time capsule located next to Building C in the Fox Tail of the El Poblado headquarters. This capsule was made with the objective that the 44 students write down their dreams and that 5 years after completing their degree, it opens and makes a retrospective of what they thought when they finished their first year of undergraduate studies.

time capsule

Photography: Office of Organizational Communication

“Biomedical Engineering is the program in which the Institution has its eyes set, since it allows interdisciplinary work, thanks to which, integral solutions to human and animal health problems can be presented. To date, we have worked with most of the institution's programs and we strongly believe that our students have a seal of innovation and technology applied to health, ” said Diego Alejandro Velásquez Puerta, coordinator and teacher of the Biomedical Engineering program.

These 3 time capsules were made of plastic bottles and inside they kept the letters where the dreams, goals and purposes of the students who participated in the activity were written.

Karla Berrío Jalil, a first-semester student participated in this activity and said that"This time capsule is with the objective of at the end of the degree to remember who we were, because it seems very important to me and that is also what the heads of the Faculty consider it to be the fact of knowing what our dreams were and what is the objective that we have afterwards that we graduate because life is not only a career, but it goes far beyond that. I just want to be happy and focus my career on the social ”.

Before burying the bottles underground, the head of the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate, Carolina Londoño Peláez, added the importance of students having challenges and dreams for the future."I hope that in 5 years we will laugh with what we put in and we will be fulfilling many dreams all together."

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