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Within the framework of an agreement that the CES University signed in 2017 with the autonomous corporation Corantioquia and EPM; the Biological Collections of the University (CBUCES), with the work of Editorial CES produced the bookInsects in Antioquia: Little Stories.

This text is the result of the field observations of the authors Juliana Cardona Duque and Camilo Flórez Valencia for almost 15 years, and the compilation of information that many entomologists from the department of Antioquia and its institutions have generated through their studies of insects. .

The book talks about some groups of critters that are found from tropical humid forests to the páramos of the Antioquia region and through images of the animals, the story of these is told. The text contains an introductory section explaining who insects are, how they differ from other organisms, how they are classified, and how they are related.

Then come the stories: in this main section of the book, different aspects of the natural history of insects are narrated, including aspects such as life cycles, feeding, how they take care of their children and why they are so important to society. The text contains information on more than 10 orders of insects, such as roaches, flies, cockroaches, crickets, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths, bed bugs and dragonflies, among others.Cover photo of the book Insects in Antioquia - Small Stories

In addition, it exposes with photographs the diversity of forms they have and the habitats in which these animals live. We can find bugs of 1 millimeter and others of more than 50; some totally camouflaged in their habitat and others extremely striking with metallic colors.

To understand more about this book, the Links Bulletin spoke with Camilo Flórez Valencia, curator of CBUCES and co-author of the textInsects in Antioquia: little stories.

"Our motivation in making this book in this illustrative way, is to try to make people know the diversity and the wonderful forms of the insects that surround us, the thousand stories they have to tell us and thus try to make people more sensitive and amazed with this group of organizations that are often so stigmatized ”, highlighted Camilo Flórez Valencia.

The book is expected to be published in July 2020, but people who wish to access it can do so through the website of theCES Editorial

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