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Currently, Antioquia does not have a language network and according to this need, the CES University, the Bolivarian Pontifical University and the Autonomous University Foundation of the Americas, joined forces to create a Network of Language Centers (CELE) with the intention of carry out joint research for an efficient quality of language training and generate high-impact activities for teachers.

"The objective of the Language Network is the construction of a more inclusive, intercultural and competent society through lines of work that include quality training in languages and cultures," said the coordinator of CELE and coordinator of the Language Center and Culture CES, Camila Pinzón Valencia.

The lines of work of the Network of Language Centers are based on the quality of language training, the generation of research in the same area and proposing cultural and academic activities for educators, so that they can generate an impact on training and language policy of Medellín.

Photos: Courtesy of the Language Network Center

"One of the imperatives to be part of the Network is that it be an Institution of Higher Education of Antioquia, that it has a language center for at least three years, and that they have the will to work in joint research ," concluded the coordinator of CELE.

By 2020 the Language Network has activities such as "The International Congress on the Construction of Global Cities through multilingual and intercultural teaching" which will be held in August 2020 and will have national and international guests; and research based on intercultural education to give tools to educators who promote the formation of global citizens.

In September 2019, the creation of RED CELE was formalized with the union of the María Cano University Foundation, Católica del Norte, Católica del Oriente and Luis Amigó.

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