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Dedicated to basic and applied research, to the provision of services, consulting and advice in the health sector of Colombia and Latin America, the Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine Antonio Roldán Betancurt (ICMT) celebrates its first three decades of operation, which has led to recognition for its academic programs and support for the development of research and science.

The ICMT was founded in 1989 as a mixed participation corporation, for public and social interest purposes. With the support of its current partners, CES University and the Department of Health of the Government of Antioquia has managed to consolidate itself as a center of excellence in research, according to the Colciencias classification: Group A1.

Photograph of an ICMT professional "The Institute has contributed to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable communities in the country, through the production of scientific knowledge and its transfer in the form of intervention strategies, diagnostic tests and protocols for the control, care and treatment of tropical diseases" , expressed the director of the ICMT, Luis Ernesto López Rojas.

Thanks to the efforts and work of the researchers, the Institute received in 2018 the Medellín Investiga award for the development of the Immunotropic, a kit that allows a sensitive and specific etiological diagnosis of infections that cause febrile syndrome, produced by infectious agents such as Salmonella , Brucella, Leptospira and tissue parasites.

In its 30 years, the ICMT has developed more than 300 studies, from which nearly 400 articles have been published on the biology and epidemiology of infectious agents and their vectors, responsible for different diseases, such as leprosy, salomonellosis, leptospirosis , malaria, leishmanoisis and Chagas, among others.

In addition, on the characterization of the most vulnerable human populations, it has therefore become a benchmark for the study, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases in Colombia.

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